Roles: Branding, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Apparel Design.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Echo is one of the best World of Warcraft guilds in the world, the GMs of the guild wanted a "Dragon" as their logo, I designed the logo based in this direction as well as creating a custom Dragon texture for them to use across digital and phyisical media. 
Created the main pitch-deck presentation design which sucessefully allowed Echo to work with brands like Logitech, Roccat, Secret Lab, Artict, Twitch and more.
I also provided direction and support in the creation of the first version of their Jerseys which had dragon scales as part of the base design.
Echo has reached over 2.6B minutes watched across their channels with the Race to World first events from 2018 ~ 2019.

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