Hello there, my name is Stephano and i'm a self-taught Graphic Designer, I also love cooking (i have a Degree in Professional Culinary Arts)... Gaming is also another thing i love doing; PC or Consoles. 

To give some background on my work, i've been doing freelance work since early 2004, most of my work has always been gaming oriented (Counter Strike team logos, World of Warcraft Guild Logos, Community Sites Logos, Custom Wallpapers, Forum Signatures).

During my Graphic Design journey, I've had the oportunity to work with important gaming organizations like:

  • SK-Gaming (Old Counter Strike 1.6 Division)
  • Team-aAa (Old Counter Strike 1.6 Division)
  • Evolution Frags (Old Counter Strike 1.6 Division)
  • Red Bull E-sports (WoW articles)
  • Method (World of Warcraft Raiding Guild)
  • Midwinter (World of Warcraft Raiding Guild)
  • Solari Gaming (Top PvP Players in the World)
  • Exorsus (World of Warcraft Raiding Guild)
  • TG-Gaming (World of Warcraft Raiding Guild)
  • Horn of Winter \ Summon Stone (World of Warcraft Community Website, Class Guides)
  • FinalBoss (World of Warcraft Podcast)

to name a few...


  • What software do you use to create logos?: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Cinema 4D for 3D variations
  • Where are you from?: Venezuela
  • Do you speak any other languages besides English?: Yes, Spanish (my native language), English and bit of Italian.
  • Favorite movie?: The Last Samurai
  • Favorite song?: Really hard to pick only 1, but recently i've been listening to this one a lot
  • Religion?: Yep.